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Membership instructions This is how it works.
« on: May 04, 2011, 11:31:00 AM »
Recruitment Process

Membership instructions

This is how it works.

Step 1

Register on forum with your In Game Name

Complete application and post it in Code Killers active recruitment section under a new thread with the recruit's name as the subject.

Step 2

Acquire a /Vouch From at least 1 full member on your application to be accepted as a recruit.

Step 3

Com Server

All CK members And Recruits will create a username for com login. In your username you are to put your current forum rank.

[Recruit] Name

[Soldier] Name

Must be brackets, must have 1 space between [Rank] Name

Recruits must use the com server while gaming even if you do not yet have a mic.

Step 4

There is a two week minimum to acquire full membership. During this time you will be evaluated by CK's full community members.

You will mainly be evaluated on your social behavior on game community forums, ck community forums, in game and on mumble.

If your recruitment is accepted as a recruit, a poll will be posted with your name in a member's section. Code Killers Community Members will then vote whether or not to accept your membership petition. If you are denied by majority vote you will be stripped of recruit status, if you are accepted by majority vote you will complete the remainder of your recruitment time, approximately 2 weeks then become a full community member.

Full members will be able to vote Yes or No and voice their opinion during the recruitment time. After 2 weeks Lieutenant, Captain, Commander or High commander will approve, deny or extend your recruitment. Based on numbers of votes for / against or additional information / comments.

Step 5

It is not required to have a microphone to be accepted as a recruit. HOWEVER it is required to have a microphone to be accepted as a full member and will affect the votes you get as a recruit. GO GET A MIC@!

Step 6

If you exceed three weeks of recruit time. You should escalate your membership petition with an officer inquiring into your recruitment status. This is due to the fact that after four weeks you could be removed from membership consideration due to insufficient activity or being MIA. If you will be away from your prospective game for an extended period of time you must post an inactivity post in the inactivity forum. If you go MIA you did not post on your application or in the inactivity forum and were removed from consideration for recruit status.

Code Killers does recognize Real Life and Family comes first, but you must as soon as possible post in the inactivity forum informing everyone of your situation.
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