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Strickenn APB Application
« on: October 07, 2012, 06:42:12 PM »
First Name: Christian

CK Division which you are applying for: APB

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Time Zone: GMT -8

Previous MMO Experience: Age of Conan, SWTOR, and currently playing GW2

Previous FPS Experience: Seasoned APB Veteran since G1 closed beta, Played quite a bit of counter strike, mainly the newest one, also played a good amount of arma 2.

Application Referral (Website, Advertisement, Video, Member, Etc): APB Forums

Playtimes / Days (Please use GMT format): I tend to play all day at most times, sometimes something comes up on a different game, other than that though, I'm available most of the time.

Character Name: Strickenn

Character Gender: Male

Character Faction or Class & Rank / LvL: Criminal, R68

Previous guilds / clans / teams/ units: Umbrella Corporation, Cereal Killers, Drift Hood

Alternate Clans with alts: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Reason for leaving: In Umbrella Corporation, the leader was accused of hacking and banned, he attempted to appeal his ban, but never succeeded, afterwards another person took over leadership of UC and they took the game incredibly seriously, therefore I left. I then joined Cereal Killers and became inactive to look into different games, which resulted in me being kicked for inactivity. Then I joined up with my buddy in Drift Hood, and they ended up becoming an inactive clan in the long run.

Mumble Answer one: Installed w/mic.

Reason you are interested in the Code Killers: I remember back when I was in Umbrella Corporation, which was when I was still new to APB. We had been matched up against some folks in Code Killers. They had used teamwork to best our team and pretty much wipe the floor with us. I recently had been browsing for another clan and noticed a post in the APB forums about Code Killers recruiting and wanted to see if I could possibly land a spot in Code Killers myself.

Your expectations of and from the Code Killers: From what I have experienced going against members of Code Killers, I expect a very communicative and skilled clan, which is what Code Killers most likely expects of me.

In-game strengths / weaknesses: My strengths would probably be that I'm a very situational person, I can identify what weapon or tactic would work best in a situation and execute said tactic, it also helps when I have a team I can communicate with. My weakness would probably be pugs and griefers, once I encounter a teammate who wont cooperate or a griefer, I tend to start doing poorly in the current match I'm in.

In-game preferred roles Primary and secondary (close combat, recon/sniper, Driver, Tank, Healer, Nuker etc): As I said before, I'm a very situational person, so I can adjust to whatever the group requires, whether that be close quarters, vehicle destroyer, or a support sniper.

Out of game strengths / skills which may be an addition to the Code Killers: I don't know if it would be considered an out of game strength, but I'm gaming nearly all the time, so I tend to find myself just playing singleplayer games when nobody is on.

Other comments: I tend to be known as a "derp" at times, this doesn't affect anything in game, it's just my natural nature.
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Re: Strickenn APB Application
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2012, 02:38:10 AM »
Hey there.  Thanks for taking the time to submit an application.  Try to get in touch with myself (CKJester), Weed, Calamityz, Pandaren, or SmilingBob in-game to get in some play time and a vouch.  If a current member vouches for you, then you will become a recruit.

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