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Recruitment Information / Application Format
« on: May 21, 2010, 06:15:33 PM »
Hello and welcome to Code Killers base of operations!

Recruiting for CK is limited to potential recruits who have two members to vouch for them. If you have vouchers please post your app and ask them to post their vouch post in the thread. If you do not have vouchers, please complete an application and contact the members listed below in-game to assist with grouping. If you fit in our ranks someone will stand forward and vouch for you!

Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. A recruitment officer will review your application and contact you via the  forums or in-game at your user name.

~Code Killers recruitment office

 Please register on our forum with your character's in-game name

Please copy and paste the information between the lines below into your new application post, make certain you answer all questions as clearly as possible and leave nothing blank.

First Name:

CK Division which you are applying for: APB, BF3, Day Z, GW2 Multi game or Other



Time Zone:

Previous MMO Experience:

Previous FPS Experience:

Application Referral (Website, Advertisement, Video, Member, Etc):

Playtimes / Days (Please use GMT format):

Character Name:

Character Gender:

Character Faction or Class & Rank / LvL:

Previous guilds / clans / teams/ units:

Alternate Clans with alts:

Reason for leaving:

Mumble Answer one: Installed w/mic, Installed wo/mic, not installed w/mic, what’s a mumble?

Reason you are interested in the Code Killers:

Your expectations of and from the Code Killers:

In-game strengths / weaknesses:

In-game preferred roles Primary and secondary (close combat, recon/sniper, Driver, Tank, Healer, Nuker etc):

Out of game strengths / skills which may be an addition to the Code Killers:

Other comments:


Applications you will need:                      <---Mumble
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